At TSI, we push the boundaries of technology withouth sacrificing reliable performance and ease of startup. Using incremental advances, testing new ideas, and supporting full disclosure and cooperation, we give you the leading edge in a competitive world. The end result is the best technology with the least risk.

TSI provides dedicated Heat Energy Systems for direct connection to the Dryer Systems. Technology includes Burners for Dry Biomass Fines, Burners for SynGas and Natural Gas, as well as Reciprocating Grate Furnaces for wet fuel such as bark. TSI works in close partnership with heat energy specialists Sigma Thermal. Sigma's team of combustion engineers have a long track record in building some of the World's largest furnaces.

TSI designs and manufactures Single-Pass Rotary Dryer Drums for use in the engineered wood and composite panel industries as well as in other applications such as biomass drying and biofuels production. Single-Pass Dryer Drums are based on the use of a large rotary drum with an internal flighting system connected to a heat source at one end and a material separation/exhaust system at the other end. This is the technology of choice for new engineered wood panel plants as well as new biomass plants, but can also be used to replace aging equipment in existing plants where they can usually produce some combination of more production, better consistency, better quality, and lower emissions.

TSI offers complete Emission Control technology, specifically designed to treat Dryer System flue gas. A number of different solutions are available to meet client needs and local regulations. Best available technology includes Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (Wet ESPs) for particulate control and Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) for destruction of Carbon Monoxide and Volatile Organics. These and other technologies will take a high performance process and make it environmentally responsible.

TSI Torreactor technology is a system for "roasting" wood chips in a zero oxygen environment. The patented process is an extension of TSI's successful drying program and is designed to be a "bolt-on" addition to existing dryer systems.

Pre-dried chips are fed into a rotating drum via and double, purged airlock. Heat for the drum is generated either by a dedicated burner or is drawn from a larger burner that heats the dryer system. The process gas in the system is circulated in a closed loop and heated via a gas-to-gas heat exchanger. Excess gas (generated by the process) is ducted back to the burner for incineration. This gas has a high fuel value and system becomes auto-thermal when a certain load threshold is reached.

The hot process gas heats the chips to a temperature range between 450°F and 650° (as determined by the system controls) and holds them at that temperature for several minutes. This boils of volatiles in the biomass including the hemi-cellulose leaving a carbon rich fiber that can be further processed into high energy renewable fuel or used as an additive or feedstock for other industrial processes.

Finishing Lines, as defined in the Wood Based Panel industry, includes all the equipment located after the press. The primary purpose of such lines is to convert large master panels into market-ready sizes and to grade, sort, stack and package them appropriately. Finishing lines are also used to add value to the product by processing the panels through additional operations such as sanding, edge profiling, laminating, etc.

Finishing Line Equipment

We provide innovative solutions combined with rugged construction and advanced control systems to produce a better quality and more efficient product in a safer and cleaner environment.


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