TSI was founded in 1992 in Edmonds, WA. The main office is now in Lynnwood, Washington about sixteen miles north of Seattle on the Northwest coast of the United States. The area is a center of industry and commerce with deep connections to timber, aerospace, software and ecommerce. It’s also an area of outstanding natural beauty with snow capped mountains, lush forests and a wild Pacific coastline that extends inland, via Puget Sound, right up to the deep port and waterfront of Seattle. The local economy is particularly strong on engineering and well connected to both Asia and Europe making it an ideal base for TSI.
Our company's approach to business is based on the technology first and is coupled with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. We see the value of our organization being in the development of advanced solutions that offer increased efficiency of production and quality of product. Manufacturing of the machinery is subcontracted to a slate of qualified fabricators spread across North America and increasingly in overseas locations.This allows us to design machines to suit the task at hand first, not what might suit a particular shop’s capabilities. The result is a “no-compromise”solution leading to the best production facility for our clients.  


1992 – TSI Founded as a Finishing Line company.
1994 – Expands into the dryer business with patents for drying OSB strands in Conveyor dryers.
1999 – Acquires the intellectual property and key staff of Fedco (rotary dryer company) and supplies the first TSI drum dryers to Weyerhaeuser in Hudson Bay.
2000 – Purchased an Aerospace Engineering Company - Nova-Tech Engineering
2001 – Further developed long strand dryer technology for OSL and LSL manufacturing.
2001 – Developed replacement dryer programs for leading OSB manufacturers.
2006 – Supplies dryers and finishing lines to Grant Forest Products - twin OSB plants - the world's largest.
2007 – Supplied World's largest dryer to Masisa in Brazil (24' diameter x 100' long)
2009 – Worked on the first of its Industrial wood pellet projects for Green Circle in Florida.
2011 – Formed a cooperation agreement with Sigma Thermal from Marietta to offer Heat Energy Systems.
2013 – Awarded US Patent for a Torrefaction process.
2013 – Launches Pollution Control division supplies first plant with a WESP and RTO to German Pellets in TX.
2015 – Sells first torrefaction plant in Louisiana
2017 – Expands into Asian market with first project in China and office in Beijing
2017 – Supplies largest dryer in the industrial pellet industry for Portucel in S. Carolina (24' x 120')
2018 – Sells Nova-Tech Engineering division
2018 – Starts up dryer and heat energy for Martco Corrigan - next generation US, OSB plant
2023 – Breaks ground on a 120ktpy Torrefaction plant in SE Asia for a Japanese Client

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