TSI offers Single Pass Drum Dryers. The design has been continuously modeled, tested and developed since the 1980s making TSI one of the originators of this technology.The latest advanced systems will classify the product by size and moisture content as it dries, enabling the unit to produce highly accurate moisture readings for all product at the outlet to the drum, and improving the overall energy consumption of the process.With the addition of recycling, the systems become even more efficient and produce a better conditioned product that can enhance downstream process performance and product specification.
Elements Include:
• Drums From 1 – 7.3 Meters (3 – 24 Feet) in Diameter
• Integrated Direct Fired Heat Energy Systems
• Proprietary Classifying Flighting Systems
• Integrated Ductwork & Cyclone Systems
• Custom Sizing & Design to Meet Specific Needs
• Variable Operating Conditions (Low or High Temperature Drying)
• Robust Construction for True Industrial Performance