TSI supplies a variety of burners for their dryers. This includes Gas Burners, Fines Burners and Reciprocating Grate Furnaces. These are usually directly connected to the dryer & controlled as part of one integrated system. A Fines Burner will burn wood dust in a cyclonic cloud and can be supplied in single or staged combustion iterations. The furnaces burn wet bark on a stepped grate that moves the fuel across the grate area as it burns, then automatically de-ashes the grate. For the furnaces TSI has partnered with Sigma Thermal Inc. The Sigma Thermal engineers have a long track record of designing and building some of the largest furnaces seen in our industry. They bring that technical expertise to TSI projects and share in the manufacturing and installation of the systems to ensure seamless performance.
Wet or Dry Fuel Systems Include:
• Reciprocating Grates Up to 90m2
• Single or Staged Combustion Fines Burners
• Natural Gas and Syngas Burners
• Control Systems Fully Integrated with Dryer
• Site Installation of Equipment and Refractory Available