When it comes to controlling plant emissions TSI always starts with cyclonic separation as part of the Dryer system. However additional systems are often required to meet stiff regulatory standards. TSI offers two types of system. Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (WESPs) are employed to remove any fine particulate that escapes the cyclones. This creates a clean plume from the exhaust stack eliminating the “blue-haze” often associated with unmitigated exhaust. The second unit is a Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO). This eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the exhaust through direct oxidization. Heat from the oxidization process is however captured and reused for high thermal efficiency and a significant reduction in opex.
Elements include
• WESP      
• Quench ducts
• Upflow tube bundles with high voltage probes
• Wet wash system
• Water recirculation
• Centrifugal separation of solids
• Mesh pad droplet capture
• Reversible gas flow by poppet valves
• Structured ceramic media heat recovery beds
• On-line bake-outs
• High thermal efficiency