The term "Dryer Island" was coined by TSI to refer to the group of process machinery for drying, that together forms an integrated system. This includes Heat Energy, Drying, and Pollution Control. The three subsytems work together and can be linked to the rest of the plant by just a couple of conveyors making it a true "process island". Often, these three sub-systems come from three different suppliers but TSI is a single source for all three. How any one part operates has a direct effect on the other two. It is therefore critical that there is a holistic approach to the overall solution. TSI designs and supplies the overall system and has an integrated control scheme for everything. TSI technicians intimately understand how issues in one area may have their roots in another part of the overall system and are able to tune each part to create a better overall process.
Elements include
Heat Energy Systems • Direct coupled wet fuel grates or dry fines burners
Dryers • Single pass recycle dryers
Pollution Control• Cyclones
• Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (WESPs)  RegenerativeThermal • Oxidisers (RTOs)
Additional Services
Installation services
Start-up and commissioning
Ramp-up support and fine tuning